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Welcome to the Forum Managers Group

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This Forums.Group has been setup for forum managers to discuss amongst themselves about any issues related to the forums.group platform. It is a premium level group that is fully featured with no advertising and also serves as a demo of the premium level features.

Our free hosting forums are supported by advertising at the top and bottom of each page and on the first post of each topic. Click here to see our free demo forum.

A new Home for lost YahooGroups!
After the Yahoo Groups platform removed their archives, it was obvious that there were still a lot of active groups that needed a new home. Thanks to groups.io, over 3000 groups have found a new home on their platform and they did excellent work, yet considering there were an estimated 10 million Yahoo Groups, that is only a small fraction of the remaining groups and they are no longer accepting new migration requests.

The Freedom-of-Speech Platform:
Additionally, some other platforms are denying to host topics that are more controversial. We are of the opinion that such topics should instead be permitted to allow them to be freely debated from all sides. The answer to speech you disagree with is not to ban it, but instead to allow more speech from others to debate the topic with better data and arguments. This should be a platform for intelligent debate, not bans and slander. We are for freedom OF speech, not freedom FROM speech.

We Also Have Some Limits!
Despite this, we also have some topics we do not allow on our platform. As our servers are hosted in Germany, where free-speech still exists, we have to abide by German laws prohibiting Holocaust denial and attacks on religious groups. As we too want to respect those that died due to hate against any specific religious beliefs, we will not permit groups with those topics. We have also observed that some people want to avoid debating topics by instead using personal attacks and slurs against their opponents. It is much easier to say someone is a "....phobe" or belongs to some alt-right or left faction, etc. than to actually present better facts. We do not want or permit personal attacks and slurs on this platform and will ban those that drop to that level. Argue your case with facts, references, better data, even opinions - but always be respectful to your opponents. Our motto for this platform is therefore: "No hate, intelligent debate!"

According to German law, if we receive an official take-down notice to remove specific posts, it is important to remove those posts within 24 hours of receiving the take-down notice. Doing this prevents any legal liability claims against the respective forum moderator. Respecting this is a condition for using this platform and we hope to never have to do this. If we are made aware of anybody making personal attacks against someone, we can at our discretion warn or even ban such people.

We therefore setup this platform to provide the remaining groups another option to move to WITH their group archives.

We can restore your archives from either a PG Offline backup or the Yahoo Groups MBox format files that Yahoo is offering as a backup to group owners and users. So providing you have your archives stored in one of those two formats, we should be able to restore your archives on our platform.

At the time of writing, we are still new to the game of restoring Yahoo Groups so please bare with us if it takes some time to process your requests to restore a group. If for any reason we are unable to restore a group, we will of course refund the migration fee.

So please enjoy testing this new system and post on anything you like that does not break any of the above rules.

If you like our platform and want to start your own forum, then you can apply for one to be setup on our main website: https://forums.group

Have fun...


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